Product Engineering Services

Our Mechanical Engineering services offer end-to-end capabilities across the product development lifecycle from conceptual mechanical engineering design to manufacturing. We integrate the design solutions with the existing product development cycles through flexible engagement models tohelp accelerate your manufacturing goals.

We understand how important innovation is in lending that competitive edge and customize your existing products with a reduced time-to-market. Our team facilitates complex mechanical design and product development to offer B2B market penetration for product companies.

Styling and Concept Design

As the product industries expand globally, there is a huge demand for Studio Design services. We support the product design studios by offering high end product design services of our creative designers to create unique styles whether it’s a conceptual sketch, scanned data from a physical model or a concept CAD design.

Our creative designersuse high-end styling CAD software such as Alias, ICEM Surf, and CATIA V5/V6 to propose creative concept designs and Class 'A' surfaces which detail the final design to create a functionally usable product for you.

Product Design Engineering

Successful product engineering combines deep technical expertise and an insightful product functional knowledge. Our Product design Engineering function is a core engineering capability within our mechanical domain services.

We deliver feature-rich, high-performing productengineering solutions to the production companies like Automotive, Heavy Earthmoving and Industrial, Agricultural Machinery products, Medical Devices, and Home Appliances.

Our Product Design Services and Product Engineering services help companies deliver customer-centric, and cost-competitive products.

Computer Aided Analysis

We offer computer-aided engineering analysis (CAE) services to our clients at competitive market rates. Our CAE services include analyzing and assessing how various engineering assemblies, components, and structures are performing and whether they are robust enough or not.

Our CAE servicesassist design teams in decision making and correlation with physical validations results. We pride on offering reliable solutions for complex scientific and technological problems, and manage simulation and optimization of complex engineering products and tools.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering makes it possible to discover the technological details of a device, object, or system and create a superior and improvised design with a thorough analysis of the structure, function, and operation.

Our trained engineers can create a 3D model of any component that you need examined and offer an affordable and efficient solution for all your reverse engineering needs. We provide an entire gamut of services right from archiving, examining, and rebuilding to altering existing devices, systems, and more.

Our in-house facilities and process capabilities allow us to disassemble the products like a mechanical device, electronic component, medical device or any mechanical equipment and analyze its components and workings in detail.

We measure the objects and then reconstruct it as a 3D model and detail the designs. We use 3D scanning technologies likelaser scanners, structured light digitizers, CMMsto measure physical objects.

Some of the critical services we provide include

  • Feasibility Study (cost/Time/Manufacturability)
  • Security Analysis (Patent Infringement)
  • Technical Intelligence
  • Repurposing
  • Academic Learning
  • Interfacing
  • Bug Fixing

Value Analysis And Value Engineering (VA/VE)

Our structured VA/VE process eliminatesredundant functionalities and reduce weight and cost to give you an optimal product that offers robust performance. Specifically, our VA/VE approach involves:

  • Design study and identification of weight optimization opportunities
  • Functional study of product, subsystems and parts
  • Validation of product performance aspects and identification of improvement opportunities