Mineral Exploration (ME)

  • We offer mineral exploration services for commodities like Gold, Copper, Zinc, Silver, Tin, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Iron, and Manganese deposits and submit due diligence reports to the customers.
  • Integration of Geological, Geophysical & Geochemical data for probable drill locations.
  • Geological, structural mapping and drilling plans.
  • Mine plan, mine closure plan and environmental management plan (EMP).
  • Reserves estimation, 3D modelling
  • Land use analysis for core and buffer zones.

Data Management (DM)

Our Geoscientific data management offer solutionusing historical and operational data which acts as a backbone towards cost-effective parameter in target identification.

Geodata Sourcing

  • Sourcing of free and paid datasets from the open source.

Compilation of Exploration data

  • Compiling exploration data in customised data models and cost-effective solution

Geolocating of published Maps / Reports

  • Location of hidden mineral target zones from the historical reports and reduce cost

Digital conversion of Geoscientific Maps/ Reports

  • Digital transformation of local grid and Geo Maps