Heavy Engineering industry’s operational and safety requirements are stringent due to the sheer scale and size of the operations.The equipment usage under this category also entails challenges and necessitates a fresh approach and innovative thinking to design and address the problems.

Cambay Engineering Services has a proven track record in the sector, offering complete product engineering solutionsto the heavy earth moving machines and industrial products. We are closely associated with variousprograms of Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Agricultural & Forestry Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Commercial Equipment, Specialized Equipment, and Production and Industrial Machinery Manufacturing companies across North America and Europe.

Working closely with OEM engineers, our product design engineers have successfully executed several developmental, turnkey projects for global and Indian OEMs across the product design and development lifecycle. The solution offerings range from concept evaluation phase to SOP (start of production) phase. Our team is proficient in Product Engineering, Value Engineering, and Reverse Engineering.

Our Products Portfolio

  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural & Forestry- Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Aerial Work products
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Production Machinery
  • Industrial machinery
  • Specialized Equipment

Product Engineering

Product Engineering essentially covers the whole cycle – from designing and developing a complete product system, subsystem or sub-components system to testing and deploying – for a new product launch. We have an integrated approach that validates the designs from the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) perspective, accelerating your product development process.

We serve corporations and inventors in Automotive and Tractors and Heavy Earth Moving Equipment domains. Ourteam is equipped with the right skillset of manufacturability, design,serviceability, cost,performance, reliability, and user-friendliness.

Our PE teams can help you apply the functional design principles, and select suitable materials, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing methods that are cost-effective and meet the product specifications.

Product Simulation and Engineering

Our Product Simulation and Engineering services(SAE) usecomputer-based simulations for structural, fluid and vibrational analysis. We assist design teams in decision making and correlation with physical validations of simulation results.

We leverage ourextensive product domain knowledge to get the accurate results for our clients. Our team can manage the simulation and optimization of complex engineering products and tools.


Dynamic customer preferences are forcing businesses to invest heavily in R&D to strengthen the continuous improvement process for their products. To achieve higher profit margins and increase market share, enterprises must value-add features.

Our Value Analysis/ Value Engineering (VA/VE) team has a successful track record in identifying and eliminating areas of high costs throughadvanced engineering techniques and product knowledge.

At the core of this team is the VA/VE framework that aids in a creative problem-solving approach by promoting the development of cost-effective, value-added solutions. Our approach reduces costs, resulting in improved product profitability and margins for our clients.

Engineering Change Management

Manufacturers must respond quickly to engineering changes to deal with demand pressures, governmental requirements, safety issues, service requirements, or functional and competitive reasons.

Our product managementteams are trained in PLM cycles and provide a whole gamut of services from change initiations to the change implementation.

Technical Publications

Our Technical Publication group has expertise in creating visually effective and precise technical documents, from spare parts catalog, service manuals, schematics, and technical training materials to translations and illustrations for the latest products.

Our vast experience and exposure in working with the automotive OEM's ensure professional results for both, illustrations and technical content. Our competencies also ensure effective document reusability and customized manuals for unique market requirements. We also assist you with the document deliveries at your desired location.