Remote Sensing Services & GIS Solutions

Cambay Engineering suggest Remote sensing and Geographic Information solutions to cover large areas with good spatial accuracy. Our digital solutions have been used in Parcel mapping, Hydrology, Utilities, Mineral deposit in Mining, assess the changes in crop pattern of agriculture and other industrial segments.

Our solution covers visualization of layers, relation between spatial and its non-spatial data, Map layouts, Georeferencing, Image interpretation, spectral analysis, Data Migration and effective data management. We have all Geospatial software’s and adhere to international quality management practices during execution stage of projects.

Remote sensing

We provide Remote sensing solutions by using high and moderate resolution satellite images like Quick Bird, Worldview, SPOT, Landsat and IRS to meet industry needs. These images will be used to find spatial location of features with proper geocoding. Contour generation at close interval, Terrain models, Image classification, change detection analysis and potential mineral zones identification are key technical capabilities.

Our Remote sensing and GIS service portfolio
  • Image rectification, Fusion
  • Mosaicing of Satellite and Aerial Images
  • Image classification and change detection analysis.
  • Terrain Models - Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Georeferncing of Local Grid Maps


Cambay Engineering develop customized GIS tools, Graphic User Interface (GUI) and online tools during execution of projects.

We manage

  • Spatial, Tabular and image data
  • 3D City model, field survey statistics and data migration

Our professional experience in GIS areas are

  • Georeferencing
  • Data conversion
  • Data migration of multiple datasets

Photogrammetry and LiDAR

Cambay Engineering has Photogrammetry, LiDAR and GIS professional along with Subject Matter Experts (SME) which help customers to keep spatial accuracy of 2D and 3D features and generate 3D models to meet multi industry segments. We follow Quality Policies, Customized Software tools, developing Graphic User Interface (GUI), effective automation tools and high-end software’s are our technical strength to meet customer requirements in Geoscientific investigations.

Our solutions were used to stream line property tax collection, monitoring height of high range structures in urban planning, Payment of crop insurance through change detection analysis and identification of leakages in oil and Gas assets are some of high lights.

Photogrammetry Solutions

Cambay Engineering has Photogrammetry, LiDAR, ESRI and Global Mapper software’s to meet customer requirements.

Our Photogrammetry service portfolio
  • Aerial Triangulation (AT)
  • Terrain Modeling
    • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)- Bare earth features like Roads, streams and linear features.
    • Digital Surface Model (DSM) -To Measure the height of manmade Buildings, Bridges etc.
    • Contour, aspect and slope maps will be made to asses morphology of land.
  • OrthoPhoto Image Generation
    • Mosaicing, Color balancing, editing and Tile cutting of Orthophoto images
  • Stereo Image Compilation
    • Capture DTM and Plotting scales ranging from 1:500 to 1:10000.


Cambay Engineering is providing LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) solutions exclusively in processing and interpretation of surveyed data to cover large area in multiple industry segments. Our LiDAR service portfolio

  • Point Cloud Data Processing
  • Classification of LiDAR data
    • Level-1-Classification-Bare earth features like Valleys, Ridges, Streams, Hills, etc.… using DTM model.
    • Level-2-Classification- Measure X, Y and Z (height) of Buildings, Bridges etc. Using DSM model
    • Quality Check (QC) of DEM and DTM accuracy ranging from 0.25 meters to 2 Meters.


Cambay Engineering is providing Mineral Exploration (ME) and Data management (DM) solutions which saves time, money and mitigate risk in mining operations. We are experts in providing complete mineral exploration solution from Feasibility studies to Mine planning.

We suggest solution for streamlining of exploration Data Management (DM) and provides domain library, data models, spatial and nonspatial data from historical reports. Our software professionals develop customized software’s for Vehicle tracking

system, Dashboard Management and Portal loading in exploration data management projects.

Mineral Exploration (ME)

We successfully executed Mineral exploration projects in few regions of Africa, India and submitted Due Diligence reports for various commodities like, Gold, Copper, Zinc, Silver, Tin, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Iron, Manganese, Coal, Beach Placers etc.

  • Integration of Geological, Geophysical & Geochemical data for probable drill locations.
  • Geological, structural mapping and Drilling Plans.
  • Mine plan, mine closure plan and Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Reserves estimation, Terrain Modelling (DEM, DTM) and 3D modelling
  • Land use analysis for Core and Buffer zones

Data Management (DM)

We provide Geoscientific data management solutions towards effective usage of legacy data and made error free datasets in all stages of mining operations.

  • Geodata Sourcing from open source
    • Sourcing of Vector, Raster and non-spatial data
    • Customized Graphic User Interface (GUI) used to manage data
    • Free and Paid data spatial, non-spatial and raster datasets
    • Identification of large-scale datasets.
  • Compilation of Exploration data
    • Extract assay, drill and lithological and analytical results from historical reports
    • Perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the scanned reports
    • Georeferencing of local and scanned maps
  • Geolocating of published reports / Maps
    • Provide solution to unlock geolocation of historical maps/ Reports
    • Segregation of multiple datasets of large mining companies
    • Linking of spatial and raster datasets for future investigation
  • Data conversion of Geoscientific reports and Maps
    • Make every unpublished report in to searchable PDF.
    • Create GIS layers and assign symbology.
    • Preparation of map layouts, Georeferencing of scanned maps.

Oil and Gas

In oil and gas exploration, there was uncertainty about subsurface geological structure and kind of lithounits which holds hydrocarbons are crucial to derive a conclusion based on effective integration of geological and geophysical datasets. Cambay Engineering Geoscientists are very much keen on three dimensional volumes of seismic data processing and interpretation of subsurface geological structures which controls the exploration cost in offshore drilling.

Seismic Data processing

  • 2D/3D/4D, Crooked Line, VSP, Multi – Component, OBC, Broad Band etc.
  • Objective oriented Processing for variegated surface and sub-surface geological complexities: onshore, off-shore, hilly terrain, thrust belts, transition zone, desert etc.
  • Basic, DMO, PSTM, PSDM
  • In-depth Noise Elimination and Signal Enhancement routines.
  • 2D/3D SRME, 3D/4D/5D Interpolation, Wave Equation Multiple Attenuation, Deghosting etc.
  • RTM, Tomography, FWI
  • Kirchhoff Depth/Time Migration
  • Forward Modeling

Seismic Data Interpretation, Anisotropic imaging

  • Integrated interpretation of several 2D, 3D and 2D/3D projects.
  • Basic Time Structural Interpretation, Time-Depth Conversion, Time/ Depth Structure Maps.
  • Log correlation, Petrophysical Processing and Interpretation.
  • Synthetic Seismogram and Well to Seismic Tie.
  • Lead/Prospect Identification, Evaluation, Risking, Prioritization for Drilling.
  • Volumetric Computation using Monte Carlo Simulation.
  • Basin Modelling, Pore Pressure Prediction/Post Stack Inversion.
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Quantitative Interpretation
    • AVO Analysis
    • Rock Physics Modelling
    • Seismic Inversion

Petrophysics Capabilities

  • Wireline / LWD data Quality Control (QC).
  • Probabilistic and deterministic formation evolution
  • Laminated Sand Shale interpretation
  • Rock-typing studies
  • Saturation height function modelling
  • Processing and interpretation of Nuclear Magnetic resonance data
  • Processing and interpretation of Acoustic, Pulsed Neutron data
  • Formation tester data interpretation
  • Cased Hole logging tool interpretation for well integrity evaluation

Geomodelling Capabilities

Reservoir geological modelling by conducting systematic and an integrated reservoir study using sedimentology, seismic information and petrophysical data to define reservoir architecture, property distribution and capturing its heterogeneities.

  1. Building geological model
    • For feasibility / prefeasibility study for exploitation and evaluation of the potential of alternate (IOR and EOR) technologies for different commercial fields.
    • For Thin laminated sands reservoir with limited / no core data and identification reservoir compartment
    • Oil field with reverse faulting in thrust belt
    • Strati-structural gas reservoir with multi-layer of thin tight sands
    • Geomodel for FDP

Data Management Services

  1. Media Transcription
    • Bit to bit copy from various type of input media to output media.
    • MD5 check for 100% accuracy.
    • Imaging, Bar-coding & Cataloguing input/output media.
    • Web based on-line database with multi-key search facility.
  2. Seismic Section Scanning & Reconstruction
    • Scanning & digital conversion of Seismic Sections for paper plot.
    • Image Editing & Raster Cleanup.
    • Reprocessing of Reconstructed Seismic data.
  3. Well Log & Map Scanning & Digitization
    • Scanning of Well logs & Maps from Paper Plot to Tiff format.
    • Digitization of scanned Well Logs & Maps.
    • Digital Output in Industry standard formats.