Embedded Services & Engineering Solutions

Cambay is one stop shop for all types of embedded solutions. We can support our customers in any phase of product life cycle from new design to obsolescence, manufacturing to field support (functional support) and planning to certification (Program support).

Embedded Design services

In design services, we support New Concept Development, New Product Development, Hardware Platform Designing, Firmware Design and Development, Hardware Obsolescence and Firmware Retrofit programs.

Hardware Platform Designing (HPD)
HPD will support for custom hardware platform development. This program includes engineering the existing designing.

Firmware Design and Development (FDD)
FDD program supports for driver development, board support package, algorithm development and application development.

Hardware Obsolescence (HOB)
In this program, we will support all kinds of obsolescence and up gradations. HOB includes firmware porting if required.

Firmware Retrofit (FWR)
FWR is a unique program which will support our customers to add new features to their existing field deployed systems. We can also address performance issues.

Verification and Validation services

In V&V services, we support HW V&V, FW V&V and HDL verification programs.

In this program, we support for HW design review for DFM & DFT, System HW V&V including Environmental and EMI/EMC validation.

This program supports for White Box and Black box testing. We also support for code walk through as per the requirement.

HDL V&V supports for Test benches development, Timing analysis, Simulation, HW integrated functional testing.

Manufacturing support

We support for Automatic Electronic Test Setup Design, Product Manufacturing Testing, Procure Assemble Test and Supply programs.

Automatic Electronic Test Setup Design (AETS)
In this program, we support for product automatic testing using high-end Auto test machines. This will be useful to test boards with very high dense and miniature components which are used.

Procure Assemble Test and Supply (PATS)
In this program, we support for complete one stop solution for the customer product manufacturing. It will be a turnkey solution, where we take the BOM & PCB files from the customer and deliver a completely tested product. For this, we provide warranty for manufacturing defects. This program will be useful for the start-ups, low volume product OEMs.

Embedded Solutions for Automotive

Automotive embedded systems and electronics make today’s vehicles more efficient, safe and comfortable.

With the advancement made in wireless technology, wireless communications, digital processing technologies and software and with many of the future discoveries certain to be centered on electronics development,

The expertise gained through providing automotive embedded systems solutions to some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs and component

suppliers have made us understand the importance of delivering value to the end customers. Cambay’s team of experts ranging from IT, Embedded and electronics to hardware is committed to providing total satisfaction at every link of the value chain by facilitating faster time to market, collaboration & visibility across supply chain and Engineering led product development.

The Generic Solutions with Embedded system developed by Cambay in a vehicle include emission control system, parking system, collision sensors, climate control, Wiper control System and ORVM

Embedded Solutions for Heavy Engineering

Heavy Engineering industries are challenged by harsh operational environments. Large manufacturing companies and heavy Engineering industries are increasingly using technology-driven solutions to improve processes and productivity.

At Cambay we provide embedded controls system for smart controlling of various operations pertaining to heavy Engineering Industries through software as back-end and hardware system as front-end.

Industrial, Agricultural & Construction machinery manufacturers as well as application developers rely on the rugged industrial and intelligent

touchscreen panels where Cambay can partner for providing cost effective embedded solution.

Some of the benefits of engaging Cambay for Embedded Solutions are

  • Monitoring and Improvement of performance and also to reduce downtime
  • Condition monitoring of key assets
  • Predictive Maintenance

Cambay provides the following Embedded solutions in Heavy Engineering

  • Data acquisition system
  • Control Systems
  • Control panel
  • Rugged HMI & Display

Embedded Solutions for Medical Technologies

Medical Equipment industry is transforming rapidly. Cambay is adopting to the growing trend of Medical Technologies as well as Connected Equipment. Latest advancement in IOT and use of sensor technologies in Medical devices and automation in the industry have helped to develop portable connected devices and solutions for medical equipment manufacturers. Patient needs constant and continuous attention and that’s where Cambay’s embedded solutions are being used in medical field to cater with medical needs

that necessitated monitoring and maintenance of hospitals and patients. The sensors retrieve data regarding patient’s health, such as its glucose levels, heartbeat and then these signals are sent wirelessly to the doctors for remote scrutiny.

Cambay's key focus is on developing new age embedded Solutions for medical devices such as MRI, Oximeter, X-Ray, and CT Scanners.

Embedded Solutions for Plant Engineering

Industrial embedded systems are used across a wide range of industries to supervise specific operations within a larger mechanical or electrical system. From HVAC units to complex building management system to industrial embedded systems are omnipresent.

Cambay developed solutions for Industrial embedded systems can perform machine monitoring to help measure performance, improve productivity, and optimize equipment capabilities. Machine monitoring is a proactive way to maintain

uptime and prevent production loses through the application of embedded systems.

Embedded solutions can be integrated into Industrial Plant which results in

  1. Machine monitoring
  2. Machine control
  3. PLC and SCADA based systems for processing data
  4. Driving motors
  5. Controlling assembly line speeds
  6. Networking Equipment
  7. Adjusting temperatures

Our competencies in embedded technologies enables us to keep pace with the rapidly evolving machine monitoring and machine control requirements and provide embedded industrial automation solutions related to:

1. Product Design and Development:
  • End to end product development.
  • Firmware, hardware application development.
  • Electromechanical product development.

2. Process Automation:
  • Metering application
  • Loop powered design and development.
  • IS certification engineering service.
  • Sensor integration and sensor application development.

3. Factory Automation:
  • Condition monitoring.
  • IoT gateway.
  • Edge computing.
  • Enable legacy machines for IoT.
  • Industrial protocol simulator.
  • Wireless application development.

4. Oil and Gas Services:
  • Industrial I/O module development.
  • Sensor module development.
  • Level transmitter design and development.