Are you dealing with expense overruns, delayed replies, and errors caused by manual, repetitive tasks? Are you not utilizing your data for business expansion?

No worries, with our AI and RPA/IPA solutions, you can unleash the power of automation. Our team of experts in RPA, IPA, and AI-ML can help you to accelerate your AI, Automation, and Digital journey, which can transform your business by increasing productivity, profitability, and accuracy.

Our consulting services will assist you in streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction. Our Automation experts will collaborate with you to find areas for automation, build and execute customized automation solutions, and ensure a seamless integration with your existing systems.

Cambay assists clients on their Automation journey for implementing customize solutions with better and faster ROI by combining our industrial experience, IoT, and AI.

We have ready-to-use capabilities in ChatBots, generic RPA use cases such as invoice extraction and processing, password reset, user unlocking, and so on, as well as AI-ML use cases for predictive maintenance in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and so on, that can be easily customized to meet your business needs through the following services-


It's simple to start setting Automation goals, but the real challenge is in meeting them. At Cambay Engineering, with our expertise in IPA, RPA, and AI, we make this easy for you. Our team of automation experts will start with an assessment of your current application/system landscape and come up with a customized roadmap for enterprise-level automation. Broadly we cover the following services –

  • RPA Roadmap
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Use case identifications
  • Selection of the Right RPA Tool
  • Selection of the Right RPA Tool
  • Proof of Concept for identified solutions
  • Process Mining- Process identification, Assessment and optimization
  • Solution Architecture, Design
  • IPA/ RPA CoE Setup

Professional Services

We can assist you in achieving the objectives for your Automation roadmap by leveraging our experience in numerous sectors, such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail and Logistics etc., in combination with our expertise in AI, Robotic/Intelligent process Automation implementation. Our suit of services includes development of customized solution for all of your automation needs and roadmap, intelligent process automation design, development and support with a flexible delivery model, tangible and lasting benefits and faster ROI. Additionally, we provide BOT Factory Development for-

  • Speed of Execution
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Reusability
  • Faster turnaround time

AI, RPA/IPA Support and Managed Services

Although RPA/IPA requires very little assistance, changes in business scenarios and procedures necessitate fine-tuning and delivering improvements in accordance with new requirements. It usually follows the change management process. We supply the following Run services for your RPA/IPA -

  • Monitor and support Botsand RPA
  • Service Quality Improvements
  • Incident, Problem and Change management
  • Performance optimization.

Application Modernization and Support

With our Application Modernization services, you can realize your company's full potential. Say goodbye to outmoded technologies and welcome increased efficiency, improved user experience, and maximized cost savings with our Application Modernization services. Our skilled team will collaborate with you to upgrade your application landscape and align them with modern technologies and market trends. We can help you with Cloud migration, API integration, and application rationalization. Don't let outdated technologies slow you down, we can assist you in modernizing and thriving in today's fast-paced digital world.