Consumer Appliances

Divisions: Kitchen, Laundry, Floor, Air, Lighting, Men's and Women's Grooming

Consumer appliances are becoming more competitive, and the market is undergoing a massive shift that is centred on "consumer experiences" in products, with new players bringing innovative ideas to fruition.

Customers' demand for differentiated products is growing, and product lifecycles are shrinking. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has transformed how effects were previously seen, rather than remaining limited to factories. Products can now see, speak, and communicate with one another and with their users.

Our expertise in concept-to-manufacture insights, comprehensive engineering solutions, enterprise application services, product lifecycle solutions, and relationships with major OEMs enables us to scale traditional Consumer Electronics (CE) technologies to match the evolving ecosystem around products, thereby improving the consumer experience.

Through Best of Best (BOB) Analysis and the ability to leverage technology product engineering, we have a deep understanding of market trends driving consumer behaviour.

Next-generation consumer experiences are provided by technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, AI, analytics, and Deep Learning-based solutions.

We use these advantages to help ensure that our "consumer's appliances" meet their end-user objectives.

NPD Support

Key propositions

Business Continuity

Key propositions

  • Product Lifecycle Management - Ideation to Mfg. Launch
  • Embedded Software and Hardware Engineering
  • Product line introduction/ Extension/ Transfer
  • Specification development using BOB Analysis
  • Development of Packing
  • Feasibility analysis and POC development
  • Electrical, SW Development
  • Globalization
  • Industrial Design
  • Customize NPD processes.
  • Sustenance engineering
  • Alternate Material, Supplier qualifications
  • Mfg. process / location changes
  • Qualification mould / Transfer
  • EoL / Obsolescence
  • Packaging graphics and labelling

Quality and Regulatory

Key propositions

Testing Services

Key propositions

  • Product Complaints management
  • RA compliance programs -UL, ETL, TUV, Nemko certs
  • RoHS/ REACH/ CA/Prop65 compliance
  • Standard assessments
  • Product testing- Functional, Design Validation, Regulatory compliance
  • Jig and fixture design and validations
  • Reliability
  • Test automation
  • Verification and Validations

Cost Engineering /VAVE

Key propositions

Technology Services

Key propositions

  • Teardown Analysis
  • Should costing
  • Alternate material qualifications
  • Process improvements
  • VA/VE
  • Competitor product study
  • PLM implementations
  • IoT, Mobility, Cloud connects.
  • Analytics services
  • Data security
  • UX Design
  • Power BI Dashboards
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Evaluate from Product Technology, cost, and regulatory compliance perspective