World over the Automotive Industry is transforming rapidly. Be it Autonomous vehicles, Driverless cars to Electric and hybrid vehicles, IOT, Embedded controls. The demand for technology driven vehicles has grown tremendously. At Cambay Engineering’s Automotive practice has a multi-disciplinary engineering services group of Subject Matter Experts with more than 30 years of experience who are geared up to meet the needs for incorporating latest developments and are aware of how new technologies are disrupting the automotive industry.

We offer next generation solutions for keeping pace with future trends of the sector, managing global economic challenges, and overcoming changing industry demands.

The Digital revolution is being hailed as the starting phase towards this journey of building future ready Auto solutions i.e. agile solutions which is driving innovation and reducing the time and cost to market when it comes to new product development. There has been a marked increase in connected devices, and we are in the forefront of offering technologies like blockchain to IoT. The automotive industry is transforming rapidly, and we can help auto companies to design cars of future using user centric approach.

Connectivity services is expected to be the fastest growing market. The expansion of autonomous vehicle testing, advancements in artificial intelligence, and introduction of 5G connectivity have increased the demand for connected services in automotive engineering services. Technologies like smart infotainment, vehicle diagnostics, parking assistance features, diagnostics are in great demand. All these enhancements would accentuate the need for new sensors and use cases of IoT devices in the coming years.

Our ecosystem and our approach help automotive industry by offering solutions for safer & greener cars, Advanced telematics. Advanced drive assisted systems and autonomous driving, smart infrastructure, and many innovative ways to satisfy the demands of customers.

Industry Segment We Serve

  • Passenger Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle

Solution we offer

  • IOT and connected Vehicle
  • Embedded Controls
  • Value Engineering
  • Engineering Analysis