Value Engineering Services & Solutions

Dynamic customer preferences are forcing businesses to invest heavily in R&D to strengthen the continuous improvement process for their products. To achieve higher profit margins and increase market share, enterprises must value-add features.

Our Value Analysis/ Value Engineering (VA/VE) team has a successful track record in identifying and eliminating areas of high costs through advanced engineering techniques and product knowledge.

While doing value engineering we analyse how customers competitors are placed through extensive tear down analysis and structured bench marking approach in terms of features, functions, materials, and costing.

At the core of this team is the VA/VE framework that aids in a creative problem-solving approach by promoting the development of cost-effective, value-added solutions. Our approach offers functionality at a lower cost, resulting in improved margins as well as product profitability for our clients.

Our VA/VE approach involves:

Engineering Analysis

We offer computer-aided engineering analysis (CAE) Solutions to our clients at highly comparable and competitive prices. Our CAE solutions include computational modelling and simulation using renowned software and experienced associates with in-depth Automotive simulation expertise. We conduct simulation studies to ensure product safety, durability, noise, vibration, flow efficiency.

Our CAE solutions assist design teams in decision making and correlation with physical validations

results. We provide offerings with reliable solutions for complex scientific and technological problems and manage simulation and optimization of complex engineering products and tools.

Our CAE expertise includes

  • CAE / CFD Modelling (Images combined)
  • Fatigue Analysis (Images)
  • NVH Analysis (Images)
  • Thermal and Air flow Simulation (Images)

Our CAE expertise includes

  • Abacus
  • Ansys Fluent
  • Nastran/Patron
  • Hypermesh
  • LS-Dyna