Cambay’s unique solutions help the customer in Telecom, Electrical, and Gas (Utility) segments to monitor their filed and back end operations on a single platform. Our services comprise of Geospatial, Engineering, IT support and back-end field support are our significant solutions in this segment.

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in feature capturing using high-resolution satellite imagery and consume only 30% of manual effort. This practice supports to monitor their cost under control and quick turnaround time to the customers in Utility industry segments.


We offer Geospatial and Engineering solutions in the Telecom industry, which covers Telephone wires, Telephone wireless, Cable & Satellite, Internet Service Providers and, Website Hosting & Internet-related categories.


  • AM/FM – LIS data capture & database creation
  • Land base and Network Data conflation
  • Network Data migration
  • Data standardization and cleansing in ISP and OSP data
  • Network inventory data management
  • GIS Applications development


Network Planning, Design and Drafting
  • FTTx
  • MxU
  • Fiber Backhaul and Long Route
Outside Plant Engineering Support
  • Records Posting and Conversion
  • Manhole Congestion Analysis
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Pole Line Analysis, Design, and Loading
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Right-of-Way and Permitting
  • Field Survey and MxU Walk-out
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Work Order/As-Built Posting


Cambay offers Geospatial, Network solutions in the Transmission and Distribution category of the Utility electrical segment, which helps energy sector customers to optimize their engineering and spatial data through our solutions.

Asset Data Management

  • Records Conversion and Integration
  • Establishing Primary/ Secondary Connectivity
  • Data Conflation and Realignment
  • Reactive Change-out & Field Order Forms Update
  • Asset Condition Assessment
  • Work Order Posting

Network Management

Our solutions help our clients in improving the reliability, integrity and traceability of networks.
  • T&D Network Mapping
  • Duct Configuration & Station Modelling
  • Geo-schematics
  • ROW Vegetation Management
  • LiDAR Data Mapping
  • Data Readiness for Smart Grid

IT Support

  • Data Discovery & Gap Analysis
  • T&D Data Model Design and Development
  • CAD/GIS Integration
  • Enterprise Asset Management Integration with GIS
  • Technology Migration/Upgrade
  • Custom Application Development


Cambay offers solutions in Geospatial and Asset data management in Gas utility segment which enables the customer to find all solutions on a single platform

Network Management

  • Network design drafting
  • Land base management
  • Relocation and replacements

Asset Data Management

  • As-Built conversion & updates, Data life cycle management
  • Data conflation & consolidation
  • Field data integration
  • ROW/easement management
  • Data audit and condition assessment studies

Distribution Integrity Management

  • Legacy records conversion, Historic service records scanning and indexing
  • Leak data management
  • Pressure test records management
  • 'Call Before You Dig' analysis and reporting

IT Support

  • Data discovery & gap analysis, Data Model development
  • UPDM data model support
  • Technology migration / upgrade
  • GIS & Enterprise Asset Management Data Integration