Cambay Engineering services, One stop consultancy for engineering services where your ideas become reality. We offer a comprehensive range of services like Product design and engineering services to Automobile, Aerospace, Rail transport, Heavy Earthmoving, Civil and Infrastructure engineering, Oil and Gas Industry and Consumer Appliances Services. We can assist you all the way from concept design to SOP (Start Of Production) of the product life cycle.

Our Team consists of well trained staff from renowned industries, which helps them to understand your business needs and also to adopt with your organizational process and to integrate with our team.

Our team consists of well trained staff from renowned industries with best knowledge and expertise to understand your business needs. Our team members quickly adopt to your organization process and integrate with your teams. We would help you to reduce design turnout time and  improve manufacturing efficiencies, which will ultimately reduce the overall product development cost and time to bringing products to the market. We always believe in the principle of saying that if you focus on the goal, you will overcome all obstacles.

Our team consists of experienced people from Automotive, Off-high way, Aerospace, Rail transport, Oil and gas field, Construction industries. Our internally trained engineers moulded for industry needs and our quality focused approach largely benefiting all our customers. To achieve the business objectives, Cambay Engineering services is fully geared up towards ensuring total customer satisfaction to achieve the business objectives. We commit to delivering high quality, fast, and innovative solutions coupled with cost-effectiveness and productivity. Cambay Engineering services recognizes the importance of your intellectual property and maintaining confidentiality during all phases or our relationship as well as afterwards.











Our Values

There are six values that make up the Cambay Engineering services Way: Integrity, Respect, Improvement, Servant Leadership, Courage and Citizenship. While each of these is fairly easy to understand, We do believe that a brief explanation is appropriate to put them into context:

  • Integrity: We never sacrifice integrity for profit. We are transparent in all our business dealings. We are accountable to our team members, customers and shareholders for achieving our goals while protecting our reputation and assets.
    • Being honest, ethical and above reproach with each other and with our stakeholders in all our business dealings
    • Delivering on commitments as the foundation for building trusting relationships
    • Achieving our individual and collective goals in a way that makes us proud

  • Respect: We provide a safe and healthy environment for our team members. We treat all people with dignity and respect. We value the differences in people’s thinking, backgrounds and cultures. We are committed to team member development.
    • Treating all others as we would like to be treated
    • Being prepared to listen with an open mind and having the courage to change our position
    • Accepting that the views, ideas and values of our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders are as important as our own

  • Improvement: We continuously search for new and better ways of doing things, eliminating waste and continually improving. We challenge the status quo and require stretch goals. We work in teams across boundaries to achieve common goals.
    • Creating the environment that encourages each of us to ask the 'what if?' question
    • Making investment in our people and business to realise the most from our creative ideas
    • Having the courage and determination to bring new ideas to reality

  • Passion:
    • Having a relentless desire, individually and collectively, to be the best in our business
    • Where good enough is never good enough
    • Celebrating individual and team success
    • Being excited about who we are and what we do

  • Servant Leadership: We work to serve the needs of our customers, investors and team members. We nurture a culture of “chain of support” versus "chain of command."" We ask what we can do to help.

  • Courage: We have the personal and professional courage to do the right thing and take risks that may cause us to win as well as to fail periodically. We make decisions and take action. We don’t admonish failure, only failure to learn.

  • Citizenship: We're good global, local and national citizens. We’re good stewards of the environment and the communities where we live. We participate in making the world we live in a better place.

In our view, if we live the values articulated above we will have tremendous success with our customers,Employees, and eventually our investors. Our fellow team members will be the highest performing in our industry and we will be able to attract the best talent to continue our journey. Every company needs a compass to guide activities. The Terex Way provides that compass.